Experience: Faulty Roof Repairs

Removing roof tile exposes faulty repair by contractor attempting to stop leakage.

Experience: Balcony Leakage

Leakage at balcony deck railing from roof flashing leak. AAH performed water testing to identify source of the leakage.

Experience: Mold and Mildew

Mold and mildew were indications of leakage in wall cavity that could not be readily seen.

Experience: Family Home Remodel Management

Single family dwelling, recently remodeled. AAH assisted with getting contractor to finish the job.

Experience: Condo Roof Leak

AAH was retained to evaluate roof leakage and provide litigation support regarding defective construction, and management services for the eventual repairs of the defects.

Experience: New Roof QC Inspections

Three story condominium complex, new roof covering installed after litigation for construction defects. AAH provided litigation support and provided quality control inspections of the corrective work.

Un-permitted Triplex: Experience

Un-permitted and non disclosed conversion of single family house to triplex. AAH assisted in documenting deficiencies and facilitating repairs.

Experience: Water Stains

Although we can’t avoid rain, and water actually hitting your home, it in no way shape or form should be settling and causing water stains.  If you see water stains inside our on the exterior of your home, there may be a bigger issue to deal with.  Aside from costly repairs of decay, you want to avoid creating a base for mold and mildew to grow, with mold being very lethal and causing various health issues.  To read more on  mold visit, EPA Mold Resources.

Experience: Decay

Regular inspections of your home our crucial to avoid costly repairs.  Rusted nails are always a sign that water is intruding upon your structure when it should not be.  All About Homes can keep an eye on your property with various non intrusive tests to assure that water is flowing away from your home.

Experience: Defect Investigation

Custom built home with drainage deficiencies and leakage at walls.