“I would not trust anyone else with the construction of my home.  John has a deep understanding of construction, scheduling, quality work and products.  While we were preparing our home for renting, we had John review all of our contractors work as well as guide us in the right direction so that we would not waste time and money.  He is an asset to any construction project.”
– Suzy Silvestre 

“I’ve had the pleasure of meeting and knowing John Schneider for over 15 years and find him to be top notch in his chose field and a nice guy to talk with and get answers to questions you may have about construction.  I first worked with him in 1993 and have worked with him several times since on cases involving workmanship concerns and failure to comply with industry standards.

If you are in a jam or confused about what’s going on with your home or who is responsible to fix a problem, call John.  He is a gifted and friendly person who specializes in construction inspections and expert testimony.”

Kirk Giordano, Kirk Giordano Plastering